Sunday, May 22, 2016

He Lost The Bet

His girlfriend was laughing as she hooked the bra....
And he was smiling...trying to be a good sport about it....
But her panties were soaked....she wanted him to be her lesbian lover....
And his little cock had found it's perfect silky home in her pretty panties...
Just one little push would send them both over the edge....


  1. I never thought about this but my sister was laughing as she dressed me each Halloween as a girl. I didn't know if her panty was wet but I know mine was as she dressed me and mom looked on. They had their fun and as I got older I have my fun at the Halloween party.

  2. I'm sure this guy didn't lose that bet accidently-on-purpose. Nope. No way. Right?

  3. Its part of the process becoming a woman the desire is irrisistable

  4. What a lovely pic. It really captures the excitement of feminization of a male. We've put out a book to make it easier for males to maximize their feminization so they can stay in the persona or transform to it quickly. Here is the link. It seems to have been very useful for many.

    1. Thanks for the link Barbara,,,I'll check it out....

  5. Yeah, once She and he realized how much his cock loved the feeling, things changed quickly, no doubt.