Friday, May 20, 2016


As I watched him fucking my darling wife I much time had I spent like much time had I spent kneeling quietly while men fucked my wife?
Probably a lot....never mind probably....definitely a lot!!!!! But each time I got to see the pleasure it gave her!!!! And doesn't every married man want to see his wife enjoy sex....I know I do....and if I'm not up to my little caged clit constantly reminds me....then I'm so glad she can get it elsewhere and I'm doubly glad that most of the time I get to watch!!!!!


  1. Very nice Kaaren. Never really gave it a thought as to how many times I have knelt quietly and watched. And yes we know we cannot hit that spot deep inside our wives like a real man can so we are always grateful for him and so happy for her sometimes it makes us cum, hehehe.

  2. Such a considerate wife. She even keeps her sissy in chastity so he won't get any silly ideas about having sex with her himself. (Thanks for including the 'caged clit' in this one, Kaaren. Always a nice added treat.)