Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pay Close Attention Sissy

"Pay attention Sissy....I'm doing this for you after all!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I didn't mean to interrupt, it was just that the cage felt a little won't happen again!"
"Alright Sissy....when you unsnap a woman's bra you take your time....kiss where the strap has been....slowly pull it from her shoulders and kiss and lick as you go.....make sure that when you get to her nipples that they're already hard and waiting for your lips and tongue....just watch me !!!!"
"Sissy I asked you to be quiet....Now let me tell you about taking off her panties...."
"Oh my god...please take off the cage!!!!!! Please!!!!"
"I'm busy right now Sissy.....I still have to teach you how to eat pussy and how to make a woman cum over and over and over!!!"
"So you catch her panties in your teeth Sissy and you slowly pull them down....."


  1. I love this pic and i gonna borrow it for my blog. I love the way she is hooking the bra. It just makes my clitty hard. Steph(Sissybra)

    1. You're welcome to it sweetie! Why not add me to your blogs too!!!