Monday, May 23, 2016

You Know What

"You know what Sissy?"
"What Sweetheart?"
"You look so cute in your bra and panties that I think....maybe you'd better run and fetch my strap-on!"
"You mean ...."
"What I mean Sissy is you better go and get my strap-on....the big black one....and bring it here...and pull down your cute little panties and let me fuck you until you beg me to stop....until you've cum all over the floor!!!!"
"You're going to unlock me??"
"Sissy I don't recall saying anything about unlocking you....if your cute little ass isn't running to get my big black cock in 2 seconds I'll be spanking you instead of fucking you!!!! Is that what you want?"
She laughed as she watched him running down the hall!!!! He was just so cute!!!!

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