Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday ManCandy

Just close your eyes and imagine....wave after wave of creamy goodness....filling you....warming you....the taste so strong....the scent coats your tongue and slides so softly down your throat filling your open your eyes and see that it's real!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Reality is better than you can imagine!!!!


  1. As a Sissy Fag, Cum is something that goes in my mouth and on my face. I love to get a big load on my face. I like to wear it proudly and let it dry and go out in public with dried cum on my face. I always let cum drip down on my bra and stain it. My blog is "Sissy: I Love Bras" tells how sissy I am and what a fag I am. I have so many cum stained bras. I love to suck cum out of bra cups cause i'm a sissy faggy whore.

  2. Your words are so entrancing Kaaren