Sunday, May 29, 2016

Special Panties

"You don't have to steal them from my clothesline Sweetie!"
"I didn' I don't know what you mean..."
"Sweetie...I've seen you wearing really should close your blinds..."
"I....I wasn't going to keep them?"
"It's alright I like little sissy boys like you!!! You can wear them anytime you come over Sweetie! And you're always welcome to drop by..."

1 comment:

  1. This is so true, Ive "borrowed" panties and bras when I was 12 to 15 from my next door neighbor until she caught me and confronted me and I confessed I was wearing them. She was angry at first and said she was going to tell my mother. But then she said it's alright honey, I understand you go ahead and keep them and I have some more for you. you can have in the house. But, one thing. You have to model them for me, ok? I stammered for a minute or two, then said I would. Then I started getting excited about her seeing me in her panties and bras. Later that afternoon I knocked on her backdoor, and she answered the door wearing a black bra, black panties, garter belt with stockings, and hi heels. She was wearing pretty makeup with bright red lipstick. I instantly got a hard on. I went in and she directed to the back bedroom and on the bed lay a pink bra and matching panties, a babydoll top, a pair of stay up white stockings, and heels. She gently whispered now get undressed and let me help put on your things. I shed my boy clothes and she held the panties and I stepped into them and she pulled them up and a thrill hit me as the silky panties touched my cock. Then she said now lets get your bra on honey, and helped me put my arms thru the straps and she hooked it in the back and I felt so wonderfully girlly as she rubbed my nipples as she adjusted the straps. She said now slip your stockings on and put your heels on. After I complied, she said you need some red lippy on your cute lips. She applied the red lipstick and said now look at yourself in the dresser mirror. She stood behind me and pressed her breasts into my back. She reached around and rubbed my cock thru my panties. Starting slowly then faster and faster as she kissed my neck. I didn't last long and came in my pink panties and felt so girlly and sissy. She said, now was't that fun. You can be my little sissy boy and next time you can make me feel good. ok.. I said sure and changed clothes and was off.. she kept my secret always and supplied me with lingerie and made me the sissy I am.