Friday, May 6, 2016

Bathroom Humiliation

"Alright Sissy you wait right there while I go get your touching that little clit while I'm gone!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
She turned to her lover who sat nearby...a bemused expression on his face!!!
"Would you mind watching to make sure Sissy behaves?"
"I'd be glad to!"
"I want you to keep a careful eye on her.....even a little twitch of her clit....make sure you're watching...."
"I'll keep an eye on it baby!"
The closer he watched the more I wanted to hide...the more embarrassed I became....the humiliation of a wife's lover making sure I didn't touch myself....well of course I was going to twitch.....hell I was going to get full on hard....and it was only their laughter that kept me from cumming right there!!!

1 comment:

  1. humiliating! i'm tenting my panties sara