Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Cuckold

I watched as he slipped his hand into her panties and I listened to her moans of lust....
My eyes were riveted om his hand as he made her squirm and sigh as he stroked her divine pussy...still hidden by her tiny panties...after some time I managed to tear my eyes away....I wanted to see her see the pleasure he was giving her....
That was when I saw that they both had their eyes on me.....she had a look of thankful pleasure while he had a little smirk!!!!


  1. When I look up and see my wife and her over looking at me, while I sit watching them in my panty and bra, my little clitty begins to leak as I am so happy for her and a little jealous that his hand is not inside my panty.

  2. What a great way you wrote that...!! sara

  3. You neatly summed up a certain cuckold attitude in very few words. Having the guy smirking at the sissy was the icing on the cake, not to be confused with the runny 'icing' the cuck will be licking up later.