Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

Send the kids to the in-laws for the day, all you sweet Daddy Sissies out there! It's your day and what better way to spend it than by getting a makeover while you try on your pretty new lingerie!


  1. This is a good day to send the young kids away for the day. Then you and Mistress can have a special sissy father's day. However, if the kids are adults, this could be the day sissy dad gets introduced. Have a fun day...

    1. Know one bats an eye if Mom gets a makeover as a gift so why not one for Dad too! And lingerie always makes a perfect gift, no sissy anywhere has ever said "no thanks I have enough lingerie!"

  2. *Sigh* Sometimes you can easily put yourself in a scene. This is one for me. Well a younger me.