Friday, June 27, 2014

Called Back

I had interviewed with a small shipping company and even though I had demonstrated my willingness to go over and above I had been turned down! So imagine my surprise when I got a call to come back for a second interview!

I arrived promptly! I had picked out my favorite dress...

Stepping in I was introduced to the warehouse manager...

He said that we would skip the formalities and get right to it!

He said how much I impressed him and I only had to convince some of his other managers...

There were an awful lot of managers! Human resources...Labor Relations...Safety...Operations...

I had lost track...was this the personnel manager or the office manager...he sure had a nice cock!

As a few more "managers" entered the room I felt my panties coming down and someone saying hello!!!

And I loved saying "Hello" back! 

I decided that if I didn't get the job I'd re-apply as soon as possible!!!!

Finally we settled into a nice rhythm! I'm pretty sure this is the place for me!!!

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