Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Really Ingenious

"It's really ingenious bound at the mouth with their arms behind each other there's nothing the poor sissies can do is there?"
"If I know my Kaaren she will not stop trying to find a way!"
"My Leeanne will probably exhaust herself too!"
"You know I've always had a cheerleader fantasy..."
"I know...why else would I bring my old uniform...."
"Next time I think we should let the sissies watch...."
We'll talk about that later....much later........"


  1. I have no problem with this situation. Do you Kaaren? Reminds me of Bre'r Rabbit. "Please don't throw me in dat briar patch. Pleeeaaasse don't!"

    1. Oh no!!!! Please don't tie me to the sexiest Sissy I know! Oh no don't bind us so all we can do is rub our bodies together with our arms around each other!!! Oh my wouldn't that be...oh I can't even fake it! Please please I'll even bring my own rope!!!