Saturday, June 28, 2014

Do You Like This One

He hated going into lingerie stores with her! He had never told her how he loved to wear all the pretty things and he was trying so hard not to look too interested! She browsed and looked and he dutifully followed her eying all the beautiful frillies he would so love to try on!
Finally she stopped and pulled out an absolutely darling little babydoll nightie and asked if he liked it.
"Oh yes sweetheart, it's lovely!" he said.
"I'm glad you like it baby because you'll be wearing it tonight while you eat my pussy! Did you really think I wouldn't figure you out?"
"No need to say anything now baby, let's get you some panties and stockings of your own so you stop stretching mine!"
"I....I...I Love You!"
"Come with me baby and let's see where this goes!!!!"


  1. What a wonderful beginning to a magical love story!

    1. With so many stories of men caught and forced to dress in pretties and frillies I think that there are probably many many more cases where it turns out like this! At least I hope so!

  2. WISH that I had a girlfriend that wanted to put me in lingerie, etc.
    That would be a dream-come-true. =D