Saturday, June 7, 2014

But I Was Blogging!

I heard them come in and she told me to get him "ready" while she put on a nightie and turned down the bed!
"But I was just working on the computer honey..."
"Kaaren...don't make me ask you twice!" she said sternly as she left the room!
He was very nice looking and cooperative and when I pulled down his pants...well I saw what my wife liked about him right away!

He was wonderfully hard already bit I knew she wasn't ready yet so I did my best to keep him interested!

I had forgotten all about what I was going to post on the blog as I tried to take him all in!

I was a little disappointed when I heard her call down the stairs to send him up! So I gave him a nice long lick and told him "First door at the top of the stairs, thank you for allowing me to suck your cock! It's beautiful!"

I turned back to work on the blog with the sweet taste of his cock in my mouth as I heard the sounds of their passion start coming from the bedroom! will be a long night!

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  1. Mmm... is that a string of precum in the last shot Kaaren? Nice job darling.