Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Wifes Friends Believe Her and So Does Almost Everyone Else

Several days had gone by since our walk where I had been on display for anyone to see in just my top and pretty little panties. I had kept myself out of sight in the house, keeping the curtains drawn and the blinds closed all day. I even wore a robe when I went out to get the mail. She said nothing about any of this and I was hoping that she had felt that perhaps she had pushed me too far and was feeling contrite.
On Saturday morning as we were finishing our coffee she told me to go to the bedroom and put on the clothes she had laid out for me. I found only a pair of black thigh high stockings, tiny black bikini panties, black pumps and a black feather boa.
I tried to imagine where this was going as I dressed. Perhaps she felt so bad she was going to unlock me and we could have sex…it had been so long since she had let me cum…
Or maybe she was going to parade me down Main Street like this humiliating me in front of the whole town. The idea was terrifying and, I hate to admit it, an incredible turn-on!
I made my way carefully down the stairs, taking extra care as I was still a novice where heels were concerned; she called to me from the kitchen.
“I’m in here Sissy.”
As I entered she beamed at me, “Oh my goodness aren’t you just the sexiest little thing. I bought some things for you and I wanted to show them to you so take a seat and I’ll go get them.”
The room was still very dim; thankfully she had left the blinds closed. She had several packages with her as she re-entered the room and she flipped on the light switch with her elbow as passed it.
The first thing was a very pretty wig, it looked like dark auburn. Placing it on my head she spent quite some time adjusting it till she was satisfied and pinned it in place. The pretty hair fell to just cover my shoulders and I liked it very much.
“Isn’t it lovely Sissy?”
“Yes I like it very much, thank you for the present.”
She opened the other bags revealing an assortment of new makeup and immediately began opening packages and working on my face.
“Isn’t it fun to have a girls day in, just you and me.”
“You know I love when we spend time together…”
“What a sweet thing to say…I’ll bet the other women around here would love to hear something like that from their husbands.”
At the mention of the other women I started to get tense and when she mentioned their husbands my hands actually shook a little.
“Why Sissy, what’s the matter you look like you’ve seen a ghost all of a sudden?”
“It’s just that…I know you think I’m being silly…its just that the other day when you made me take off the skirt….”
“What do you mean I made you take it off? You practically begged me to let you take it off didn’t you?”
“Well yes I did but I meant…”
“I don’t know what other option you thought there was Sissy a skirt can be either on or off and you wanted to take it off, you were quite insistent.”
“Yes But I wanted…”
“You must have wanted everyone to see you in those delightful little panties you were wearing; I have to agree you looked adorable. It’s a shame we girls have to cover up our pretty dainties, don’t you think?”
“Well they were pretty but that’s not what….”
“And I think it shows how brave and honest you are that you wanted to show those pretty panties to the world, I don’t think I would be brave enough to do that. You’re my big strong hero!”
“Well I really wasn’t…”
“And I know how worried you were about the neighbors; especially their husbands seeing you but you didn’t let that stop you at all! You just stood out there in the middle of the street and took that skirt off because you didn’t want to wear it!”
As she said that she put the makeup brush down and turned my head from side to side.
“You look really beautiful like this; it’s a shame to keep beauty like this hidden. I don’t suppose you feel like going out for a walk again?”
“No, please sweetheart I don’t want to go out like this please, please…”
“Oh Sissy don’t be silly, I’m not dressed for a walk either. But I’ll bet you all the men around here would love to get a glimpse of you like this, I’ll bet more than a few would love to be right where you are right now in pretty makeup and sexy heels. Don’t you feel sexy Sissy?”
“Yes I do you know I love it when I dress…”
“You know Sissy maybe you’re only afraid that some of those men might want to touch you inappropriately? Maybe they’d like to run their hands up your pretty thighs like this?”
She stroked her hands up my stockings.
“Maybe you’re afraid they’d like to caress your little nipples like this?”
She was rubbing my nipples as my heart was racing.
“Or maybe you’re afraid they’ll kiss your sweet mouth and smear your lovely lipstick like this?”
She kissed me as her hands roamed freely over my body, her tongue in my mouth her lips pressed hard against me.
My little clit was straining at the limits of the cage painfully trying to respond to the overload of stimulation.
Sitting back and looking me over she took some tissues and the lipstick and freshened me up.
“There, good as new!”
“I love you so much…”
“I love you too sweet Sissy so that’s why today I’m going to help you overcome your fears. Today you can be as sexy as you want and those men won’t be able to touch you.”
“No honey I don’t want….”
“I know you don’t want to be afraid of men seeing the proud Sissy you are so you sit right where you are and just let me open this blind like this and we can let the sunshine in.”
She pulled the blinds open, I hadn’t realized she had seated me in front of the largest window in the house; it reached from just above the floor to a few inches from the ceiling and looked straight out to the sidewalk in front of our house.
I moved to get up but she put a hand on my shoulder urging me back down and from a drawer she took out her large hairbrush and laid it on the table next to me, the implied threat very clear.
“I don’t want to use “tough love” Sissy but I will if that’s what it takes to help you get over these silly fears of being seen when you look so pretty”
“Please honey, I can’t….”
“Oh look Sissy you have your first admirer already,” a man I didn’t know had stopped and was staring at me with his mouth open, “Wave to the nice man Sissy, don’t be afraid.”
I hesitantly waved my hand and the man turned and rushed away.
“You see Sissy, how easy. Now I want you to sit there for the rest of the morning and be sure to wave and smile to anyone who stops to look. It’s 9:45am so most of the men in the neighborhood will be running their errands soon. Make sure they get a good look and remember you’re safe here behind the glass. Safe here with me. Oh look isn’t that your friend Bill Lasker from down the street, remember to smile and wave Sissy.”
I smiled and waved as my face burned red with the humiliation of being exposed like a peep show girl, but I had never been more turned on in my life. 

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