Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Brunch

My wife told me that she was having several associates from the office over for Saturday brunch and asked if I could prepare some trays of food for them.
"How many people sweetheart, I'll have to pick up some things at the market."
"there will be 4 of us, you've met Stacy, and two other account managers."
"OK sweetheart."
When Saturday came she gave me a long list of errands to do and told me I could clean up when I got back.
There were 2 cars pulling away from our house as I returned and when I entered the house I saw that the meeting must be over.
"I'm back sweetheart," I called out.
"I'm in the bedroom could you come here Sissy?"
I was shocked when I opened the door and found that Stacy was still here....

Although my wife was smiling Stacy seemed unsure until I laughed and said "I see the meeting went well..."

"Yes it did Sissy and we saved a nice hot brunch for you Sissy...dig in!!!"

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