Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kaaren I'm So Proud of You

You have become quite the accomplished little cocksucker and I'm so proud of you but you missed a drop. Let me get that for you....

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  1. Often fear this to be me. I so love how she spotted the missed cum n after all, can't waste it.

    Omg that is so hot. I fear where my destiny going, yes I'm so freakin happy n content about the thoughts of becumming a paid slut or an escort. What an amazing job that will be. To be my girly self, do girly things n pleasure real Men n Superior Women.

    Mmm, how arouseing n enticing a thought this is. It's like the more I fight it, the more I want it n I fight a lot, as im so sissy sexy hot for the idea:)