Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Stop Sometimes

There are times when I'm in front of the mirror when I stop and look for the boy that was once there. I say boy because I never really became a man, I have been a sissy pretty much all my life. I became more and more feminine as the years passed until I look for the boy and he is almost completely gone!
I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Girl, I'm not sure as to why anyone would ever want to go back. Personally I'd like to forget everything I ever new in guy world, while struggling to be me. N just start a new day as myself n never go back.

    Personally, I think your in a terrific spot, as well as have a Mistress for whom loves you n respects you as a sub n I'm sure you do Her the very same.

    All I seem to do, is try to be me n irritate the world by being me. My world being a few people on Fetlife, for whom have blocked me for one reason or another. I'm sure it revolves around opening my wallet or purse. Their loss, n yet I hate that still.

    One person thinks I had something to do with messing up their accounts with google plus. It wasn't me/ nor was it me who keeps outing myself to my jobs n I have to go find a new job like every 4-6 months, because of it. Or the fact that I've had my identity stolen over a year ago n that I had to spend 85,000 to save face on my name as they got me for a tune of over 700,000./ 85,000 was cheap as in comparison to what I would have lost. The FTC named the people in vanilla world from all over the world n one person who calls herself mistress on Fetlife who's involved with somebody I loaned a phone to for a few years. She's not even in the lifestyle n no names/ but none of the two people who blocked me.

    I didn't mean to babble Kaaren as well as do so love your blog as well as a few others.

    Personally, I'd sign a contract now, as well as gladly become a paid whore:)) if it would keep me in girl world. I have full B cups n entering into C cups, as well as lived full time twice prior n most likely just get up one day n start living again, as most people already know me as a hermaphrodite. As well as had to explain that one to my present day boss in hopes of keeping my job that I have now. Talk about humiliation n the doctors excuse for being so. Otherwise they would have let me go.

    So I say, hurray for you n be who you are inside, which is a happy place