Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Quarter of a Million Page Hits!!!

"I am truly humbled that all you lovely people have come and read my page over 250.000 times! I would like to thank so many people..."
"Kaaren I'm waiting for you!"
"That's my beautiful wife, she is waiting for me to use my tongue and she's a little impatient..."
"Anyway...I'd like to thank the adorable Leeanne for the inspiration...I'd also like to thank dualpurpose for the feedback and support, Sissygurl and Terri and Gina Evans and Staci and Miss Sharon and Eric M and so many more...,thank you all! If I could I'd get down on my knees and....."
"That's it Sissy I've waited long enough!"

"No sweetheart please I have so many more people to thank..."
"You have me to thank Sissy and I expect you to thank me for quite a while tonight so let's go..."


  1. Contests on the 250K views...
    I know you will havemany more...

  2. Congratulations sweet girl! You have developed a wonderful blog and it is so nice to have gotten to know you.

    Big sissy kisses,


    P.S You're welcome

    1. Always makes my day when I get a nice comment from you, thank you so much for all your support.