Saturday, November 30, 2013

Your Wife Told Me To Come By

A Fantasy

When I answered the door there was a lovely young girl there.
" name is Sarah I live up the street and your wife told me to come by today." she seemed a little nervous.
"I'm sorry Sarah she's not here right now maybe you could come back..."
Oh no," she interrupted "I'm here to see you and she told me this was the ideal time to come."
I was intrigued and I invited her in. I was grateful I had been doing some heavy yard work and was dressed mostly like a man although I was worried that my bra straps might be showing through my light shirt. If they were she hadn't mentioned it or seemed to notice.
I invited her in and couldn't help but notice the schoolgirl outfit she had on. My clitty was starting to press on it's plastic prison.
"So what can I do for you Sarah?
"Well I was talking to your wife the other day and I was telling her how pretty I thought you looked as a woman and she..."
I gasped when she said that and although I really hadn't gone out of my way to keep it secret I tried to be discrete.
Seeing my reaction she rushed to calm me down.
"No no, I think it's so cool that you do that, in fact there was this one time in the summer when you were hanging out the wash and you were wearing a really pretty yellow sundress that it made me kind know....excited...."
Thanks for the complement I guess...." I choked out, where was this going?
"Anyway I was telling your wife that watching you got me kind of...horny I guess and she said that my boyfriend could help me out with that. But I don't have a boyfriend and I want to stay a virgin at least until I meet the right guy but it get's so frustrating..."
"So she told me that since it was your fault that she would have you help me with And she said that keeping my virginity wouldn't be a problem because she has you in a cage....I'm not really sure what that means but she said you'd explain everything."
"Well Sarah, I'm not sure what you expect but my wife should...."
She turned and unzipped her top revealing the cutest little titties I've seen in a long time.
"Your wife said I was to say this to you and you'd understand. Make me cum Sissy, don't stop until I tell you to."
Well who am I to argue, when my wife gives an order, even if by proxy, I always obey..
"Please follow me Sarah, I'll make you comfortable until I clean up and then I'll see if I can help you out with that problem of yours" I smiled.
"And could you..."
"Could I what Sarah?"
"Could you wear that yellow sundress, you look so hot in that."
"Whatever you say Ma'am". I curtseyed and went to clean up and change.

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