Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Wifes Friends Didn't Believe Her

A Fantasy

One evening as we were lounging in our lingerie my wife dropped a bombshell on me.
"You know, I was talking to some of the girls the other day and the subject of extramarital affairs came up and they didn't believe me when I told them that I could fuck and suck as many men as I wanted and that you were OK with that."
I gasped, "You told them that, oh my god what will they think of me, of us. How could you expose me like that."
"Well" she said stroking my little clit through my virginal white panties, "I'm not ashamed and you shouldn't be either. I have a wonderful loving husband who makes up for his shortcomings by allowing me to take care of my needs with other men. When I explained that to them some of them saw it my way but most of them still didn't believe me."
My little clit was at full erection now under her ministrations.
It took a moment to process what she just said.
"Wait a minute, you told them that I was....small" I glanced at the tiny bulge in my panties.
"Yes I did but I was only telling them to explain why you were so generous that you would allow me to fill my needs for big cocks with other men. You do want me to be happy don't you?
"Yes but..."
"And" she interrupted, "there's nothing wrong with my friends thinking of you as a thoughtful and giving husband. Is there?"
"Well, if you put it that way...but..."
She interrupted me again. "Then that bitch from across the street, Donna, said that if that was the case I might as well put you in panties, but I shut her up fast.
"Oh good I wouldn't want..."
"Yes I told her that you voluntarily wore, not only panties but bras and garters and stockings and all sorts of lingerie. That shut her up fast.
I thought my head would explode.
"You told them I wear told them..."
"Don't get huffy with me Missy, I told them you voluntarily wore lingerie. You don't want my friends to think I'm some evil bitch who's making you do something you don't want to do, do you?"
She was slipping her hand down my thigh and toying with my garter tabs where they held up my white stockings.
"No I don't want them to think you're evil but..."
"And you do love wearing pretty lingerie don't you? she asked stroking my nylon covered inner thigh.
"You know I love it...oh my god...."
She had slipped her hand up to my panties and was caressing the spot between my tiny balls and my ass, I would cum soon if she kept doing that, it was so good.
"When they asked me where I went with the men  they couldn't believe that I had them fuck me in our bed while you watched and that you sometimes helped."
"Oh my god!!! you said I helped..."
"Well I didn't want them to think that my sweet loving husband would leave me alone with some stranger. What would that say about you? I won't have anyone saying you don't care about my safety."
"But they must think..."
"They must think I'm the luckiest wife in the world, I mean when I told them that you would suck my lovers cocks to get them nice and hard for me I don't think any one of them believed me, I think every one of those bitches thought I was a liar!"
"You told them that I sucked.....oh god oh god ohgod..."
She had slipped her finger into my ass and was slowly twisting it sending me nearly to orgasm.
You don't want all my friends to think I'm a liar do you?" she thrust her finger deeper.
:No...I ...ohohohohohoh"
My panties were soaked with pre-cum as she diddled my ass.
"I knew you wouldn't, because you're the sweetest sissy husband in the world. That's why I invited them over to see in person. They should be here any minute."
As if on cue the doorbell rang at that moment, She gave a final twist of her finger before pulling it from my ass.
"That'll be them sissy. do you want to get it or shall I?
"Jesus, I have to go change, Stall them till I can get dressed"
"Oh and prove me a liar, I don't think so. I'll go and let them in you just keep your pretty pantied ass right where it is." she glowered at me.
Turning without waiting for an answer from me she left the room. I heard female voices coming from the door, some I recognized some I didn't..
As my wife led them into the room I saw her friends from the neighborhood and I wondered how I could ever face them again. I also saw at least one woman I had met that she worked with. I didn't know the others
I sat there in my soaked white panties, white garter belt, white stockings and my favorite white bra with the little embroidered roses.
"So" she said, "you see. I told you the truth."
The girls reactions had ranged from shock to humor to looks that might have meant something else.
Donna, our neighbor, said "This doesn't prove anything, I could even get my husband to dress up for me if I had to. You said he sucks cocks and that's the only thing that will convince me"
A few of the other girls nodded, agreeing with Donna as my wife crooked a finger at me.
Following her out of the room I was surprised to find her boyfriend Steve standing just inside the front door. I was panicking inside and I had another little stirring. I had sucked his cock at least a dozen times to fluff him for my wife and I had enjoyed it immensely.
He looked at me, then at my wife and said, "You're going to pretty him up right. I don't like to see him as a guy. Put on the wig and makeup alright?"
We'll be down in a few minutes." she said to him.
I felt his eyes on us as she took my hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom.
She had me sit at her vanity and was picking out various makeup items as I said, "You can't possibly expect me to suck him off in front of all those girls can you?"
Taking my chin in her hand she looked me straight in the eyes.
"I do and you will, I will not be thought of as a liar by my friends. You will do this or else I guess we could throw away all your panties and get you some nice cotton bovers."
She continued as she started to apply makeup to my face.
"I guess you don't want to wear silks and satins anymore. Why would you want to wear white stockings when you could wear white crew socks? Why would we put a satin baby doll nightie on to sleep when you could wear cotton pajamas?"
She paused as she finished up my mascara and began applying my lip gloss.
""It's not as if you haven't sucked his cock before you know. That's why I called him instead of picking up some stranger. I know he's never cum in your mouth before but I know you've licked his cum out of me plenty of times. I don't see why after I do all this for you," she waved her arm at my wardrobe, "why you can't do this one little thing for me"
I looked into the eyes of the angel that I had married, the woman who loved me above all others and as she pulled my wig into place I nodded my head.
"Okay sweetheart, if this is what you want I will do it for you."
She smiled at me and danced her feet and clapped like a little girl. She took me by the hands and stood me up and kissed me with all she had. If there was a way to say I Love You in a kiss then that was this kiss.
She took my hand and pressed it against her panties and through the soaking wet crotch I could feel her heat.
"Later," she whispered, "I'll give you what you need."
Taking me by the hand she led me downstairs. Then with Steve following us we entered the living room where conversation soon hushed.
She helped me undress him as I had done so many times before and I stroked his 8 inches as she kissed him.
I sank to my knees and to the sound of a collective gasp from the ladies assembled I took him into my mouth.
Using what little tecnique I had I soon felt him throbbing in my mouth when I had a thought, I leaned back and let him cum on my face.
It was nice, very nice. Even without the night of wild and weird sex my wife gave me as a reward I would do it again....and again and again...


  1. Dear Kaaren,

    This is a wonderful story to go with this photo. I'm pretty sure I've done a post using the same one, but can't quickly locate it. I really enjoyed your tale to go with it. Loving your blog sweetie.



    1. High praise from one of my favorite sissy authors. Thank you very much for the complements.


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
      I'm loving your blog too!!!

  3. Wow thanks for the story, I can see me in his place, and the girls giggling at me. Keep up the good work Al. ;-}

    1. That story continues through several more chapters and although I haven't added to it for a while it's not finished yet! Glad you enjoyed it!

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  7. I don’t know if my friends would believe my Ex if she was telling them… Even now I wonder who she has told since the divorce. I found out that she knows I do things and I am not stupid and as it goes closed my eyes to what she knew… However she came home from work with a A4 piece of paper. She just opened it and my jaw dropped…. It showed me naked in our bedroom and with a phone ear piece holding a paper saying I was a sissy slut and wanted to be used. It also had an email address on it. I went bright red…. What could I say. She has never understood my sexuality. She even got the picture wrong. She was sent it via email from another person. That surprises me…. Who?

  8. Love the story! Guess the whole neighborhood knows now and no need to hide only more! Just wonder how many more neighborhood husbands will become exposed sissies in the not to distant future!

    1. If you search the Blog for "My Wifes Friends" you'll find more of the story!!! it's not finished but I haven't revisited in a while!!!
      I am amazed at the traffic this one post has generated!!!! Not a day goes by where it doesn't get a couple of visits!!!!
      I guess I did something right!!!
      Thanks for your kind words...I love the feedback!!!

  9. My wife has been very kind to me she has moved her boyfriend into our home as I get to be their sissymaid I get to wear dresses everyday . And have been living in the maids bedroom in our six bedroom home. She telling everyone now that he's her husband, since there are only two women now living there. Since I am in a maids dress I never have even wanted to correct her. The only time I almost was embarrassed was when my wife had my mom come and stay with us for a week. She got here late at night and was taken to a bedroom right across from hers and not knowingly or on purpose not sure she made sure her bedroom door was wide open and her boyfriend had me in my dress and was screwing me hard I remember moaning like areal woman. As soon as my mom noticed this she went downstairs asking my wife who was those people in her bedroom making out? My wife said her husband was prolly doing her maid again. My mom said that's not her son screwing that woman. My wife smiled and called upstairs for me to come down and visit with my mom. So I straightened out my very short maids dress and walked down the stairs I stood in the doorway with his seamen dripping from my now quite soaked panties. My mom didn't say a word my wife had me go and serve them coffee. And told me to go change my panties. They must have had a interesting conversation after I left. . I add more of this story later.

    1. Very interesting revelation. Do you have more written on another web site?

  10. so nice and hot story i like your dream kisses tom

  11. Belas,chupem aqui,quero gozar pra vocês,que tesão,nu e no jeito,pau muito duro,beijos....