Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"You know what Sissy.....I'm so tired of you coming home and finding a way to get around my rules....I wrote to your Headmaster and he told me that you were notorious for finding ways to avoid punishment for your willful behavior!!!!"
"So I've decided that this weekend will be different......much like making an errant child smoke enough cigarettes to make them sick.....I've decided that you're going to get so much cock this weekend you'll finally beg for no more.....what do you think of that Sissy?"
"Is that the "Black Atlas 12".....I used one of those last year in was OK I guess but it's not as good as the "Black Atlas Extra Wide 14" that one gets your attention!!!!!"
"Goddamn it Sissy.....I'm calling the Pink Bus....I know that you've become a slut....but I had no idea how much of a slut!!!!!"
"But I thought you were going to fuck me?"
"Finally....maybe this is your, I'm not going to fuck you....I'm saving it for me!!!! I'm going to enjoy it....."
"If you like I'll send you my BAExW14.....I'm going to get the next size up...."
"Pack your bags and wait outside Sissy.....I'll be just fine with this one!!!!"

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