Monday, March 2, 2020

Young Billy Was Not Happy

"There now's not so bad.....those bad boys would never have punched you if you were a girl, would they?"
"No one ever punches a girl...."
"Then if you don't want any more of those ruffians bothering you there's a simple answer....don't you think?
"I'm not sure I understand, Auntie...."
" you want any of those bad boys punching you again?"
"No Auntie!!!!"
"And none of them would punch a girl...."
"That's right one punches girls!!!!"
"Then what should you do to avoid being punched again?"
"I a girl?"
"That's a wonderful idea can be my cute little niece...."


  1. And so Billie felt those first wonderful stirrings in her girlie panties. Being a sweet niece was going to be fun!

    1. I had an Auntie who used to tease me all the time about being too girly....she was my absolute favorite Auntie!!!!