Friday, March 27, 2020

Quarantine: Day 10

When she got home from Spring Break the dorms were closed and she had to go home to her parents house....
"I couldn't even go in to get my laptop or Ipad.....I'm going to go crazy here....there's nothing to do!!!!"
"Listen Sweetheart....there's no need for you to worry....your Daddy is going to provide us with all the entertainment we'll need..."

"Oh Mom.....this is so much fun....I'm so happy to be home!!!!"
"See Sweetheart....I told you....and when the quarantine is over you can invite all your friends to come and use your Daddy too!!!!"
"Even the guys?"
"Oh yes....especially the guys....I'd love to watch that!!!!"
"You know what Mom? I would love to watch that too!!!!"


  1. That mom looks pretty sexy. I think she's in need of a real man. Can you fix me up with her? lol


  2. ayyy que bonito es estar asi penetrado por delante y por detras que buenooo ,,

  3. Nice twist positive story. I liked it.

    xoxox Mmarsha