Saturday, March 28, 2020

Girls and Sissies

All you girls and sissies will understand....
When he bends you over....
And flips up your skirt....
There's nothing else that feels like a man pulling your panties down.....
I have sissy shivers as I wait for him to make me his girl!!!!


  1. Enjoy a woman like us at least once !

  2. I've had that happen a couple of times but the hottest time was at the doctors office. After the doctor saw me she sent the nurse in to give me a shot. The nurse told me to drop my pants and bend over the exam table then she slowly pulled my panties down to give me the shot then pulled them back up. My cock almost broke through my cage.

    1. So she saw your cage? :) kiss, sara

  3. Ooh, this picture just gets me... the anticipation and submission. kiss, sara

  4. There's nothing like it....That sweet anticipation when you know he will be filling you any second