Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Working From Home

While she's working from home all my schedules are just shot to Hell!!!!
I don't really mind wearing the full uniform even though I hate to get it dirty....and I'm honestly not sure if the Dry Cleaner is open or quarantined....
And I am a fan of light's another of my many kinks....
But.....honestly....I'm never going to finish everything I have to do if she keeps doing this to me!!!!


  1. I don't have to worry about that while my wife and her boy friend are here but I am having a hard time getting my chores done because of the racket they make every morning in the bedroom. The bed is really taking a beating right now then when they finish I have to serve them breakfast then change the bedding.

    1. Dan, sounds like you might need earplugs (not!)... Do you have to tighten the bed springs every week or two, while they watch? kiss, sara

  2. It's hard to get your chores done when She keeps tying you and giving you new chores! kiss, sara