Thursday, March 2, 2017

Vacation Humiliation

As most of you know I just returned from a long road trip/vacation with my sweetheart. We traveled roughly 4000 miles round trip to attend her nieces wedding.
I was en femme almost 80% of the time I'd guess.....basically all the way there before I had to put on the male clothes that I hate so much.....
Her family, with a few exceptions, has no idea about Sissy Kaaren, they know my male side and my wife wants to keep it that way.....she is very choosy in who she exposes me to! At least where her family is concerned she's very choosy....
Stopping for gas was always an experience....I liked the self serve pumps....they cut down my exposure considerably and I usually breathed a sigh of relief when I got back in the car....
"Afraid someone would see you Sissy?" she asked.
"Well yes a little!"
"Just a little Sissy?"
"Yes just a little!"
"Well if it's just a little then you wouldn't mind going into the store and getting me something to drink. would you?"
"I have drinks in the cooler Sweetheart!"
"No Sissy, I want something hot.....please?"
"Of course Sweetheart, I'll be right back...."
I straightened my dress and went to get her a hot chocolate.....and as the three people inside snickered and stared I got one for me too....if it wasn't for the cage I'd have been rock hard under my frills!!!!
"Did you enjoy that Sissy?"
"It was so embarrassing Sweetheart....they were laughing at me...."
"But you loved it....didn't you?"
"You know I did!!!!"


  1. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL XXX Would love to have been there

  2. OMG this is so awesome! I hope you really enjoyed that experience!

    The black corset is a very nice idea! It gives the sense that your not just sissy, but a sissy that gets punished.

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. I fully understand your humiliation. I got my humiliation too while on vacation. We are still on vacation so there may be more.

    We are vacationing in Florida right now and we were at the pool when I raised my voice and gave my wife a nasty answer to something she said. She grabbed me by me ear in front of everybody and march me to our room. When she pulled out a chair she said crap it has arm rests, So she told me to get naked and stand in the corner and she will be right back. She went to the office and asked the girl there if there was a chair available without the arm rests. She told the girl she needed it to discipline me. The girl said she will ask house keeping if there is one. My wife came back to the room and started to scold me then there was a knock on the door. The girl at the desk had a chair and saw me standing naked in the corner. She left the chair and my wife went to town spanking me. After the spanking she told me to bring the chair back to the office. That was very embarrassing but when I brought it back the girl told me to keep it until we check out just in case my wife needed it again.