Thursday, March 9, 2017

Big Date

"Your wife said she wanted you to get the full makeover and makeup....big date tonight?"
"I don't know who it is but she's been wetting her panties all week about him!"
"Oh Kaaren!!! You're terrible....what a thing to are you going know...prepare him for her?"
"Betty, I'll be on my knees as soon as she gives me the OK....with all the anticipation I'm guessing he must be something really spectacular!!!"
"Damn it Kaaren....every time I do your hair you get me so excited just imagining it!!!!"
"Call my wife...if she says it's OK I'd love to take care of that for you!!!"
"Oh're so bad....I couldn't do that....could I?"
"Do you want me to call for you?"
"No Kaaren....I'll be right back!"
"I'll be waiting Betty!"

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