Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vacation Notes

"Do you really want to Sissy?"
"Oh yes please!!!!"
"Alright Sissy, you may masturbate for three minutes....but if you spurt any sissy cream you'll lick it all up..."
"Yes Sweetheart, of course I will!"
"And if you don't cum in the time provided I don't want to hear any's back in the cage for at least three months either way...."
"Yes Ma'am I understand!!!"
"And there's to be no touching your little clit.....that belongs only to may use your favorite dildo only....."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"I'm going to sit here and watch Sissy you understand that???"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"Alright Sissy, you may begin in 4, 3, 2, 1. now!!!"
I knew at the beginning that I had no chance....she had raised my tension level to the point that I really couldn't concentrate on how good it felt.....and really after all this time, three months didn't sound so bad!!!

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