Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Billy couldn't believe that Auntie wanted him to dress like a little girl....he had been so embarrassed when she had taken him shopping for new clothes.....
When she made him come out of the changing room so she could see how he looked he thought he would just die!!!! When she made him stand still while she tied and re-tied the bow on the back of the dress.....while the ladies and girls in the shop laughed....
But he couldn't believe it when Auntie told the cashier that they would take this dress and two more of the same style in blue and green!!!
"Would you like me to wrap them all in one package Ma'am?"
"The other two yes....this one he'll wear now....isn't he the prettiest little thing!"
"Yes Ma'am....very pretty....should I wrap up his pants and shirt from the changing room with the dresses?"
"Oh heavens no!!!! You may discard them....he won't be wearing anything but dresses as long as he lives in my house!!!"
Blushing bright red Billy tried his best to make his little cock go down before Auntie noticed!!!!

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