Monday, March 27, 2017


He had seemed so nice at the office and when he had so shyly approached her to ask her out he had blushed so adorably that she just couldn't say no!!!
When he told her during dinner that he wore women's lingerie she was more intrigued than shocked....a lot of men were into that....she had dated a few guys who wore panties!!!
What she wasn't prepared for was the size of his cock....if you could even call it was so small she got the weird feeling that it was like she was molesting a little boy!!!!
As if that wasn't bad enough.....he had squirted as soon as she pulled up her dress!!! But she wanted more than that from him.....she wanted to cum and he was going to give her an orgasm and she didn't care how long he had to eat her pussy!!!!
She was understanding....but only to a point....and he looked cute in his undies....maybe this could be more than one date.....if his tongue was good enough!!!


  1. "... if his tongue was good enough"? He's a sissy. If it's not good enough now, she can just train him. His type is so easy to control.

  2. It really IS best if they train us early! ~sara