Friday, March 31, 2017


He was waiting as she had instructed for a long time....bent over and exposed....totally vulnerable....
He strained his ears to try to hear what she was doing but she had turned music on and it drowned out everything else....
Finally he thought he heard footsteps coming up the stairs....he couldn't be sure....maybe it was just the beat of the music but he thought he heard more than one person coming!!!!
When the bedroom door opened he fought the urge to turn and look....he had been punished before for that and didn't wish to be punished again!!!
"Very pretty make a lovely picture with your panties down and your cute little bottom on display....a perfect little slut!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"So which shall it be today Sissy.....shall I spank you or do you want a hard cock in your cute little sissy ass?"
"Whatever you wish Sweetheart!"
"Very good answer Sissy but I want you to choose....spanking or fucking....which will it be?"
"Please....I can't choose....can't I have both?"
"Sure you can Sissy.....why don't you fuck him first and after you're done with him I'll spank him for being such a slut?"
"Sounds good to me Baby!"
I didn't recognize the voice.....but as he pressed his hard cock into my small opening I was already hoping he would stay the night!!!!


  1. Oh MY! This is sooo humiliating : ~sara

  2. Oh please Kaaren can he spank me too? You still bring out my inner greedy little sissy c**t darling.