Monday, April 4, 2016

Sissy Training - Special Panties

"You like when I stroke you wit these soft silky panties....don't you Sissy!!!"
"Oh yes!!! It feels so good!!!!"
"These are special panties Sissy!!! Do you know why?"
"Oh just keep doing that!!!"
She stopped stroking...
"I asked you a question Sissy!!!! Do you know why these panties are special?"
"No...but they feel wonderful!!!"
She began stroking him cumming till she was ready!!!!
"These are special because your Mommy gave them to me....she told me that this very pair was the very first pair where she found your cum stains....she kept them all these years....she wanted your wife to have them....and they're still so soft and satiny smooth...just like when you were a little boy....or should I say, a little sissy!!!!"
She felt the wetness spreading and she knew that he'd cum in the panties again, he was surprised when she pushed the soaking panties into his mouth!!!!
"One other thing Sissy....your Mommy didn't wash them before she gave them to me...."


  1. Replies
    1. Oh make me blush!!!!

    2. Lol it was me doing the blushing hun. Such a wicked mind you have. Would love it if thus was the start of a series

  2. Oh my! Time for more sissy cummies!!