Friday, April 22, 2016


He was so nervous....he had folded the same dish towel six or seven times already.....
He heard the women's voices through the kitchen door and he realized his wife had left him no options!!!!
If he went out the back door the men at the barbecue  would be very surprised to see him like this!!!!
There was only one way to reach the stairs or the bathroom or the laundry room and that was through the living room where the ladies were all talking and laughing!!!!
It was only a matter of time.....
When he heard his wife call him to come meet the girls he knew he was going to be exposed and humiliated...and he had never been more excited in his life!!!!
Smoothing down his dress and hands at his sides he moved to the doorway, and taking a deep breath, stepped through to "meet the girls"!!!!!


  1. OMG that first time my wife exposed me to her sister and her best friend. I just wanted to die but the ladies had such kind words for me. I was embarrassed beyond belief but so turned on at the same time. Mishel

  2. A lovely scene kaaren.