Sunday, April 3, 2016


As I took his cock in my mouth I watched him carefully.
Was it possible that he really didn't recognize me? We had gone through twelve years if school together and as soon as she brought him in the door I had recognized him....he hadn't changed much at all!!!!
I suppose with all the makeup and my long hair maybe I looked just different enough that he may not see me as the boy he knew!!! It could be that he didn't look close enough because his attention was on my wife who was taking off her clothes, revealing her beautiful body to him for the first time!!!
I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as she turned, in all her naked glory, and came to take him to her bed!!!
I waited as they walked away, watching him put his arm around her, watching him slip his hand down cupping her delightful bottom!!!! I knelt there with the taste of his cock still in my mouth and wondered....did he recognize me!!!!
As they went into our bedroom....her bedroom he looked back and winked at me....what did it mean!!! Did he recognize me....I'll probably never know...but I sure enjoyed sucking his cock!!!

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