Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sissies Through History - Fiction or Fact

"While you're here at Thornhill you will be required to attend to all of the masters sexual desires, no matter how you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Very good....what is your name?"
"John....John Eyre."
"Oh that will never do.....we can't have a John sucking on the Masters Johnson can we......I think Jane would be better.....for the time you are here you shall be Jane Eyre!"
"I agree, as long as we keep it just among us in the house!!!"
"Of course Jane!!!! Let me have Charlotte show you to your need to worry Charlotte is discrete...all she does is scribble in her notebooks....I'm sure your time here will never be known to anyone but us!"
"Thank You Ma'am!"
"The Master likes to be sucked at dinner so you can begin right away!"


  1. Very 'period drama' of you Kaaren. A slurpy maid rather than a scullery maid perhaps?


  2. Adoring this. Brilliant did John/Jane get there?