Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Birthday

After his wife left, his sitter assumed her favorite position and began grinding her panties against his face....this was her favorite game and she sometimes did it for hours! Today however she stopped!
"Guess what Sissy??"
"What Cindy?"
Her bottom slammed down on his face and cut off his air for a few moments before she rose again.
"That's Mistress Cindy to you'd better remember that!"
"Yes Mistress Cindy, I'm sorry!!!! What did you want to tell me?"
"Well Sissy today's my 18th birthday and your wife says I'm a legal woman now so no more hours of grinding my panties against your face to make me cum I can take my panties down and you can do all the work to make me cum!!! Isn't that great?"
Sissy's answer was muffled but it really didn't matter anyhow as the first touch of his tongue already had her halfway there!!!

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