Tuesday, April 12, 2016


"Oh, there you are....I've been waiting for you!"
The startled man stopped and gasped in surprise!
"Are you talking to me Miss? I don't believe we've met!"
"My name is Rose and this is my shop!"
He glanced at the shop window before turning back to the beautiful woman!
"And you were waiting for me?"
"Every day for the past two months I've seen you stop and look in my shop window!!! You look for a while and then you leave.....every time...sometimes you seem like you're lost as you just stare!!! But you never come in!!!!"
"Well....I....I was just...."
"I sell the most exquisite and beautiful lingerie from around the world....I'm sure the lady in your life would love to get a special gift like that....I pride myself on personal service and I'm sure that together we could find that special thing that will make her the happiest woman in town!"
"I....uh...I ....I don't have a lady in my life at the moment I'm sorry to say!"
"Oh that's too bad a nice looking man like you.....then why were you.....oh wait I think I see....the woman in your life....you see her every day don't you? You see her every time you look in the mirror!! Why don't you come into my shop and I'll pull down the shades and we'll see if, together, we can find some things that will make her the happiest woman in town!!!"
"I.....I've never....I .....Is it really okay?"
She took his hand and guided him into the shop that fueled his fantasies!!! She pulled down the window shades and locked the door....
"It won't be okay sweetie....it will be fantastic!!!"

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