Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Wifes Friends Want Some Answers

An Ongoing Fantasy

For days after my wife had exposed me to literally anyone who walked by our house that morning my humiliation was so complete I couldn't bear to see anyone! I kept indoors and made sure the blinds were drawn at all times!!!!
As I relived those hours spent being exposed like a peep show girl I cringed at the thought of speaking to any of my neighbors....at the same time I was very uncomfortable in my little cage. my "suit of armor" as my wife referred to it!!! If I could only get hard I would cum in seconds but alas she had the key and it didn't seem like she was interested in releasing me anytime soon!
My wife carried on like nothing had happened, as if she had not just exposed her sissy husband to any and all onlookers! She said she wanted to cure me of my irrational fears about being seen in women's clothing but the humiliation had made it worse!
Several days went by and on Friday my wife asked me to stop dusting and come kneel by her....she wanted to talk....so smoothing my maids dress around me I knelt before her as she had taught me to do.
"You know I was talking to some of the girls the other day and all they wanted to know about was that little stunt where you sat in front of the window all morning!"
"But I didn't want to do that I had to....you made me do it!"
"And how did I do that Sweetie?"
"You had the hairbrush....you were going to spank me....I didn't...."
"Sweetie....did I say anything about spanking you?"
"You said you'd use tough love if you had to..."
"Did I say anything about a spanking?"
"Well no....but the hairbrush....I mean it wouldn't be the first...."
"So I didn't say I would spank you, then it must have been your imagination!"
"So the girls were saying that they couldn't believe you would do that, sit in front of the window all dolled up like that willingly!"
"I didn't you were going to spank...."
"That's enough of that, I thought we already decided that the spanking was all in your imagination!"
"Well I...."
"Anyway the girls asked me if you ever said no to me....if you ever just outright refused to do something I asked you to do?"
As she was speaking she had slipped off her shoe and her foot had slipped under my dress and was teasing the bare skin above my stocking tops making me gasp!
"And what did you tell them?"
"Why I only told them the truth....that you used to say no quite frequently but now you seldom, if ever, say no to me!"
"You didn't tell them about...."
"Well of course they asked me what had changed and you wouldn't want me to lie, would you?"
"No I...."
"Well I explained how I put you over my knee and spanked you whenever you said no to me....and they didn't believe me!!! Can you imagine!!!"
"But you didn't...."
"Well yes I did, I told them I'd prove it....they should be here any moment!!!"
"You're not going to spank me in front of them are you!!!!???"
"As a matter of fact I am.....and this one won't be imaginary....I've told you before that I won't have them thinking I'm a liar!"
Her toes were tickling my balls....making it impossible to think! She smiled when she heard the doorbell.
"That will be them now Sweetie, go and let them in and remember to curtsy like I taught you!"
I stood and made my way to the door....several of the women pushed right past me while a few paused to look me over in my maids uniform....most snickered at me but a few....they had something in their eyes as they looked me over....I felt like I was the mouse surrounded by hungry cats!!!
When I went in they were all seated and my wife motioned for me to join her on the couch!! Nervously I went and knelt down with my back to the room!
"So are we going to see you spank him or what?" asked Donna, our neighbor from across the street, "we already know that you dress him up!"
"In a moment," she lifted my chin to look into her eyes, "this one will be for falsely accusing me of threatening you earlier....do you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am..."
"Good....now assume the position over my knee!"
As several of the women laughed I quickly positioned myself as I mentally tried to prepare for this new humiliation!
I felt her hand rubbing my bottom through my dress and then suddenly four spanks, two on each cheek, echoed through the room!
"I always begin with his dress covering his bottom....this is only a little taste to warm him up!"
Ten more on each cheek followed and my bottom was beginning to tingle!
"After the warm up I find it best to remove one layer!"
She pulled my dress up exposing my pretty panties and stockings! This drew some laughter from the girls too!!!
Quickly her hand came down on my panty covered bottom....I counted twenty on each cheek which were really starting to hurt now!!!
Then she pulled my panties down to mid thigh and some laughed and some gasped as I'm sure my bottom was already a bright pink!!!
"Now the real spanking begins! A spanking must end in tears....he must understand that this was his fault and be genuinely sorry before this will end!!!"
I expected to feel her hand but instead I felt the all-to-familiar sting of her hairbrush, making me yelp and jump....however she kept a firm hold and soon set up a rhythm of two on one cheek and then two on the other!!!! It wasn't long before I had tears streaming down my face and was pleading with her to stop!!!
"He only wants me to stop now because it hurts....he's really not sorry yet....you'll see!"
She doubled the rate and speed of the spanking, my ass was on fire and I was wailing!
"Please!!!!!!I'm sorry!!!!! It will never happen again!!!!! Please!!!!!I'm so sorry!!!"
"You see now his behavior has been corrected....now he understands that he was wrong and that he must never misbehave again....now go stand in the corner Sweetie!"
I quickly moved to the corner with the pain in my bottom almost overwhelming me!!!
"Thank you all for coming....please pardon my husband for not seeing you to the door!"
I heard a number of comments as her friends left....some about my poor bottom....some about how they'd love to spank their husbands.....some just laughing!!!!
After they were gone my wife told me to come back to the couch and assume the position again....I didn't think I could take even one more stroke but instead she began spreading some cooling ointment and whispering how she loved me.
"Maybe we could go out for dinner tonight Sweetie....I don't think you're fit to cook tonight!!!"
"Thank you but maybe we could order in....I may need a couple of pillows to sit on!!!"
"You're absolutely right Sweetie!!! Whatever you want!!!! You know I can never say no to you!!!"

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