Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Shopping

We were at the local mall Christmas shopping when she asked me to wait for her by the fountain, she wanted to pick up something she had seen for me!
As I stood there I watched the people go by all busy with their shopping....Moms and Dads taking their children to see Santa Claus....
I noticed one family...father, mother little son and daughter....they were laughing and having a grand time,,,,and I began to wonder....was that the life I should have had....would I have been happier if I had never tried on those first panties or sucked that first cock?
Would I have been like him....I bet he's not wearing stockings below his slacks like I panties or bra either....he'd never dream of it!
Would I have married a girl like straight sex....she probably thought doggy style was wildly exotic and she never dreamed of taking a lover....never ever imagined making her husband a cuckold!
Their kids were adorable and so happy to be with their Mommy and Daddy...all smiles and rosy cheeks...
I was lost in my thoughts when she came back, tugging on my arm to get my attention!
"Sissy are you listening to me?"
"What...oh I'm sorry Sweetheart...I was just daydreaming!!!"
"What I said was that I bought you the cutest Babydoll nightie for Christmas but I can't wait to see you in it!!!! Let's go home and put on our nighties and we can give each other pedicures and just snuggle and play the rest of the night!"
"I think that sounds wonderful my love....I wouldn't want it any other way!!!"


  1. Ha ha... yes, those shopping trips :) sara

  2. Robert Frost's "A path not taken"

    Still can you be sure Kaaren that the guy didn't have stockings ect under his clothes??