Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trigger Phrase

Suddenly the spell was broken!!!
He remembered the last few months like he was watching a movie!!! He remembered the feminization, the training his girlfriend had put him through! He remembered it all and now here he was with a big black cock in his mouth while she sat staring at him!!
It was like his world stopped! He remembered that a moment ago he was enthusiastically sucking this cock and whimpering like a slut!  The look in her eyes was one of desire and something else....
He had frozen there with the cock in his mouth as the memories flooded back and she leaned a little closer...
"Bigass Bananasplit" she said and just as suddenly as the memories came back they were gone and he began sucking hard on this big beautiful cock!!!!
Her boyfriend looked down on her as the sissy sucked his cock....
"That ain't cool Baby! You shouldn't bring him out of it and put him back under like that every time he's sucking my cock! One of these days he may bite!!!"
"Next time I'll take a picture...the look on his face as he realizes....it's just priceless!!!!"

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