Wednesday, December 23, 2015

No Trouble

"Thanks I really appreciate you coming over at the last minute like that but my sitter cancelled and I didn't know who else to call!"
"Really he was no trouble at all!!!! Call me anytime, I really enjoyed babysitting him!"
"He didn't complain or whine at all?"
"Maybe once or twice but a flick of my fingers to those cute little balls put an end to that! And every now and then I gave his plug a twist, but in general he was pretty well behaved!!!"
"Thanks so much Aunt Ruth....we'll see you for Christmas dinner?"
"Oh yes, I'll have Uncle Henry wear his maids dress in case you need extra help!"
"That will be wonderful!!!! Don't you agree Sissy?"
"Oh I'm sorry...I forgot to tell you I gagged him with my panties!"
"Oh Aunt're the best!!!!


  1. Sooo humiliating. Love it Kaaren. :-)

  2. Somehow my aunt Bert knew I was a sissy. She has bullied and humiliated me for as long as I can remember. I always try to be a perfect gurl for Her.

    1. You can always ask her to stop by my house.....

  3. This is so fitting. My aunt Rose knew I was a sissy as a young boy and enjoyed dressing me as so when I stood at her house during summers. Now my sister in law, who is my key holder, babysits me several times a month. She enjoys humilating me and milking me. I enjoy it sooo much.

    1. Currently my wife's assistant at work is a co-keyholder with my wife and she loves to play with the strap-on and she....
      Well that's a story for another day....
      But aren't we a couple of lucky girls Mishel!!!