Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday ManCandy

"So what do I have doctor? Why do I feel so run down?"
"I think it's just exhaustion and a little dehydration!!!! I want you to stay in bed and get plenty of fluids!"
"Whatever you say Doctor!"
"I'll start you off and I'll have the drugstore send the boy every four hours till you're back on your feet!!!"
"Thank you Doctor!"
ManCandy!!!! Doctor knows best!!!!


  1. I love this!!! I've had a few ladies do this to me, and to me it's the sexist most submissive thing I can have a woman do to me. What do all of you think, is letting a lady cum on your face a submissive act???

    FYI, Kaaren here's a little secret, when I'm in this position I lick my lady's balls to help excite her! The women I've been with enjoy when I lick from their assholes up to their balls. I kiss them, lick them, and gently suckle them one at a time.

    Thank you for this wonderful post!!!

    1. Oh Joe!!!! I love that we share so much,,,I also love to lie under her lover as he fucks her and his balls dance across my lips and tongue!!!!
      Thank you so much for your filthy dirty mind!!!!
      Love to see your comments!!!!