Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Baby ....You Sure

"Baby you sure this is what you want?"
"Oh yeah....I've wanted to see him with a cock in his mouth since we were kids! Is there a problem?"
"No Baby, his mouth feels just like yours....it's just that...he's your husband....it doesn't seem right...."
"Okay I'll tell you what....next time I'll have him in a cute little outfit with a wig and makeup....would that be better?"
"OK lets give that a try....Baby I'm gonna cum soon....does he swallow or should I pull out?"
"Oh he definitely swallows....because if he doesn't we're going to keep going till he does!!!"
"Damn Baby you're rough!"
"Only when I have to be!!!"


  1. It's best to put a husband into his place in such a definate way. Wouldn't want him to get any silly ideas about reclaiming his masculinity.