Sunday, December 27, 2015

Concentrate Sissy

"Concentrate Sissy, do a good job and then we can talk about your orgasm situation!"
Sissy tried...but it was so hard with the key so close!!!


  1. Kaaren, my shaking wouldn't be because of the orgasm; it would be my desire to worship her feet.

    Being this close to a lady's or sissy's feet would definitely make me nervous and shaky. I'd be so worried I wouldn't be able to control myself, and that I would just dive down and start kissing and licking her (your) feet!

    I've had some difficult times in the past, polishing toe nails, when the lady is hot, sexy, and coy. Teasing me, asking if her feet are pretty; if I like them; or asking what I want to do to them!

    But I can control it, and I can give a good pedicure, it's the lady's coaxing that always gets me in trouble!

  2. I love doing that to my wife when I'm helping her get ready for a date. It's funny because I'm usually just like the picture doing it with my chastity cage on.

    1. Hi Dan, how long did you do it before your hands stopped shaking? Mine still haven't stopped and I've been doing it for years!!!!