Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sissy School - A Visit From St. Nick

"Ho ho ho, I see my sissy girls are all here just like I always like to see them!"
"Yes Santa!!!" they said in unison amidst their girlish giggles!
"Let me get my list....let's see....Hmm Sissy Jo I see you've been a good girl most of the time although you've kept Miss Julie waiting for a sketch a time or two, I have a lovely hairbrush for you! I want you to give it to your Mistress...I think you'll find it's the gift that keeps giving all the year round!"
"Thank you Santa!"
"Now who's next....oh yes Sweet Sissy've been a very good sissy girl this year! I see you've been at the top of your class in oral sex all year! Quite the accomplishment! And you've had to put up with your roommates antics and you've only spanked her a couple of times when we both know you should have done it daily! I have a lovely black 14 inch dildo for you to practice on for the rest of the year so that you're always at the top of your class!"
"Oh thank you Santa!"
"Hmm, now Sissy've been at the very top of my Naughty List all year! The only thing I have in my bag for you is a big lump of coal..."
"I'll try to be good next year....thank you Santa..."
"You didn't let me finish Kaaren! I have a lump of coal, a nice pair of handcuffs, a paddle and a big bottle of cherry flavored lube! Now if you other sissies will excuse us for a little while I'd like to discuss Kaaren's bad behavior with her and get her started on next years Naughty List..."

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