Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This Right Here

You see this dress right here! This was the very first dress I ever added to my collection of girls clothes! I spotted it on a clothesline on the way home from school and sneaked out of the house after midnight to get it!
It was still there!!! When I got it home I couldn't get out of my boy clothes fast enough!!!
I tried my best not to cover it with cum stains...but I was a teenager....I was able to wash it a couple of times before I outgrew it, but I loved how it looked!!!
I loved how it felt!!!!
I loved feeling like a girl!!!!!
Some of you probably know what I mean...


  1. Oh yes! My big sister had a dress like this. I don't know if she ever realized I wore it, but I did.

  2. Oh my!!! My adorable Leeanne in this dress!!! That will be fantasy fuel for weeks sweetie!!!!

  3. I love this dress! Much more exciting compared to grey.

    1. I know Janine...mine was exactly like this one!!!!!