Friday, December 26, 2014

Thought It Over

"Honestly Kaaren, I don't know where you got the idea in your silly sissy head that I was going to release you for Christmas! I mean it's only been...what...a couple of weeks right?"
""It's been 9 months's longer than I've ever been locked up! I thought for sure you'd give me release for Christmas! It was at the top of my wish list!"
"Yes I saw that and honestly Kaaren I thought it over but I decided that during the holiday season I need you to be on your best behavior and extra attentive to your duties and every time I let you cum you always slack off afterward!"
"I promise I won't this time! Please Sweetheart, I'll do anything you ask!"
"Yes you will Sissy! And you'll do it better if I keep your little clit locked away!"
"Pretty please?"
"Alright Sissy, let's get past New Years Day and I'll consider it again OK?"
" always know what's best..."
"That's my special girl, now show me that pretty smile and then get that tongue busy! All this talk about cumming has made me so wet!"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!"

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