Wednesday, December 3, 2014


"Oh my god Kaaren! How did you get here!?!?!?"
"You see Leeanne, your wife advertised for a cleaning lady and I applied!"
"But how....."
"Well all the other applicants apparently wanted to be paid...I was the only one that offered to pay her for the privilege!"
"But Kaaren...."
"I think I should start cleaning right here...this might take me some time...I haven't got any cleaning I guess I'll just have to use my mouth....please make yourself comfortable, I do a very thorough cleaning!"
"Oooooh Kaaren!"
"Mmmmmm Leeanne!"


  1. Mmmm. Such an excellent job Kaaren! I'll be certain to give you a positive review to my wife!

  2. your lovely uniform is worth positive points by itself. However, your performance, well that is normally great.....