Saturday, December 20, 2014


Sissy served his wife and her niece a nice light lunch and then slipped under the table...

....for a little light lunch of her own!!!!


  1. i hope everyone get do do this at least once. you will fully understand your position.

  2. it would be such an honor to get to serve Mistress and friend like this

  3. This would be a dream come true! Serving a Dom woman and her younger friend. Being ordered under the table, removing their shoes, and kissing their feet. Having the Dom woman order me to sniff their feet, and describe to them how wonderful their scent is. Then being ordered to first lick the young woman's feet clean, then the Dom.

    The whole time, the younger woman is saying she can't believe what a pervert I am. How her "aunt" has such total control over me. She asked if next time she could bring some friends, to watch and laugh at the subbie, foot boy?

    This would be AMAZING!!!

  4. it would be such a thrill to serve mistress like this and her friend. it would really help to solidify my role as a sissy sub. HayleySometimes