Thursday, December 11, 2014


Pretty panties and secure chastity...a new Sissy begins her journey! What's next i wonder, full body shave, cock sucking,spanking, maid service, penetration, exposure, public humiliation....I almost wish I could go back and start again!!!


  1. Hi Kaaren
    Is there somewhere we can read about your journey into a sissy cuckold lifestyle?


    1. Have you read my story so far?
      If not go to and click on the links there....
      I have to admit I have kind of pushed the next chapter aside as it gets into an area I'm not sure anyone would want to read!!!!
      It's about half written and sitting in the Drafts folder gathering dust....
      I'll get back to it but I'm afraid it gets worse before it gets better!!!

    2. Hi Kaaren
      I had forgotten but, yes, I have read about your younger years. If I had remembered that I would not have raised such a tender topic for you. My apologies.

      However, since it has been raised I have a somewhat different perspective than you. I appreciate that you may wish, perhaps even feel you've promised to yourself or others, to be completely honest and accurate. I understand why that may seem like the right approach but, when we'be been through a dark period in our life, I don't think that we need to revisit that to explain who we are today. In fact, I suspect that it's not only not necessary but actually detrimental. The recounting just takes one "back to that place" that he/she worked so hard to get out of those many years ago.

      You said, "it gets worse before it gets better" so why not skip to the part where it gets better. I feel that would be much better for you. You don't owe anything to any of us readers so there's no need to feel that by doing so you haven't been honest with us. Just tell us the story the way you - the happy, content, fulfilled Kaaren - would like.

      Just my personal thoughts.

      Whatever you do or don't do, best wishes,